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Uncertain times ahead

This blog is really a continuation of my last one but written in the wake of the terrible events in Manchester and the further revelations about the scale and nature of the terrorist material made available through various online networks. … Continue reading

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Pornography, age verification and related matters

At the end of February, the Government announced that sex education was to become a compulsory part of the national curriculum. Apparently, among other things,  sexting, self-generated images and the harms associated with pornography are to be addressed within the … Continue reading

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A ridiculous state of affairs

Back in 2004 BT surprised the world when it announced Cleanfeed, a mechanism for restricting access to urls known to contain child abuse images. Not long after that Pennsylvania wanted to mandate local ISPs to deploy filters. One of the free … Continue reading

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Toys can be tricky

Children’s toys that can connect to the internet featured in eNACSO’s recent publication (June, 2016) When ‘free’ isn’t . They were also the principal topic of conversation at a workshop organized earlier this month at the IGF entitled The Internet of Toys and Things. It was … Continue reading

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Community values trump dead Utopian vision

The debate taking place in the UK about the introduction of age verification for pornography sites is, so to speak, exposing a number of very strange arguments. Some are advanced by people such as the Open Rights Group (ORG) who are … Continue reading

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Comments on participating in internet governance discussions

The following was  written by myself and Professor Sonia Livingstone.  It is addressed to the various luminaries who are holding a Retreat to reflect on the future of the MAG and the IGF itself. Submission from John Carr and Professor … Continue reading

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On Trialogues – oops, trilogues

When I was fumbling around in the dark trying to come up with a rational explanation for why, during the Trialogue for the GDPR, none of the actors reached out to any child protection people to test any of the ideas … Continue reading

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