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Toys can be tricky

Children’s toys that can connect to the internet featured in eNACSO’s recent publication (June, 2016) When ‘free’ isn’t . They were also the principal topic of conversation at a workshop organized earlier this month at the IGF entitled The Internet of Toys and Things. It was … Continue reading

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Community values trump dead Utopian vision

The debate taking place in the UK about the introduction of age verification for pornography sites is, so to speak, exposing a number of very strange arguments. Some are advanced by people such as the Open Rights Group (ORG) who are … Continue reading

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Comments on participating in internet governance discussions

The following was  written by myself and Professor Sonia Livingstone.  It is addressed to the various luminaries who are holding a Retreat to reflect on the future of the MAG and the IGF itself. Submission from John Carr and Professor … Continue reading

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On Trialogues – oops, trilogues

When I was fumbling around in the dark trying to come up with a rational explanation for why, during the Trialogue for the GDPR, none of the actors reached out to any child protection people to test any of the ideas … Continue reading

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The challenges of a new orthodoxy?

Last Monday EU President Juncker said he thought the EU had been meddling in matters which more properly should be dealt with by individual Member States. He went on to say We were wrong to over-regulate and interfere too much … Continue reading

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Commonsense prevails

Speaking yesterday at the RSA conference in San Francisco the USA’s Attorney General, Loretta Lynch, announced what I can only describe as being a breakthrough for commonsense. The UK will be the first beneficiary of this development. Here are the … Continue reading

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Donuts shows the way

I have just read the details of an agreement between the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) and  a Seattle-based  Registrar called Donuts. Donuts claims to be the largest Registrar in the world operating in the new gTLD space. The details … Continue reading

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