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Children’s privacy moves forward in the UK

The UK Parliament adopted the GDPR pretty much as it came out of the EU’s law-making machine. Under Article 8 we agreed 13 as the age at which a child could be considered competent to give consent to their data … Continue reading

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The net tightens

On 2nd September the Financial Times reported on a remarkable letter which had appeared that day in the Sunday Telegraph. Because it is behind a paywall, I reproduce the text of the epistle here: SIR – The Government launched its Green … Continue reading

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Another big step forward – well done Google

Today Google are announcing the release  of a new tool which they are making available at no cost to relevant NGOs and industry partners. Here’s the problem it is addressing. Microsoft’s Photo DNA is brilliant. It works at scale to find … Continue reading

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Rule of the oligarchs?

Where does ICANN’s money come from? It is easy to find their annual accounts  and estimates.  These give the big numbers.  Finding out which individual companies or organizations are behind the numbers is harder,  although admittedly not much harder if … Continue reading

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A review of the obscenity laws

The Crown Prosecution Service has announced a review of the guidance it issues to prosecutors concerning obscene materials.  It closes on 17th October. This could be a great opportunity to correct a number of anomalies which have arisen since, and been … Continue reading

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Final version of the letter to the NTIA

The  UK children’s charities sent this in to the NTIA on 17th July, 2018. Dear NTIA, Thank you for this opportunity to submit comments on the future of the US Government’s international internet policy priorities. One in three human internet users is … Continue reading

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Problems with consent

Elizabeth Barrett Browning wrote a wonderful sonnet which opens with this famous line “How do I love thee? Let me count the ways” She then lists eight or nine. Here is the Oxford English Dictionary definition of “consent” Permission for … Continue reading

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