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Draft submission to the NTIA

Below is the first draft of a letter I am working on for several children’s groups. It is in response to the US Government’s request for “comments and recommendations” on its international internet policies and priorities. If you think I … Continue reading

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I am not getting over excited about this….

The National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA) is a key bit of the US Government.  It has just announced a review of  its “International Internet Policy Priorities” . It wants comments by 2nd July. The  terms of reference make clear … Continue reading

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More news about ICANN and WHOIS

In  a recent blog I mentioned that, on behalf of the UK’s children’s organizations, I had written to the Chair of the Article 29 Working Group expressing concerns about the way the GDPR was being interpreted in respect of WHOIS data.  … Continue reading

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Time is up

In yesterday’s blog I suggested that by responding in the way it did to the arrival of the GDPR, ICANN, in effect, pressed the self-destruct button. ICANN is now set on a path which will eventually lead to its abolition … Continue reading

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Article 29, WHOIS and ICANN contd.

Join ICANN and see the world. Last Thursday in Vancouver the ICANN Board gave its response to Article 29’s and the Government Advisory Committee’s  representations about the GDPR, which comes into effect in less than one week. In essence ICANN … Continue reading

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Article 29, WHOIS and ICANN

In less than ten days time, on 25th May, the GDPR becomes law in every EU jurisdiction.  Officially, the GDPR began its journey towards this state of grace in 2012,  when the European Commission published its draft proposal, although to … Continue reading

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Cherie Blair speaks out

In the pantheon of bad actors in the internet space there are two distinct classes. There are the criminals and fraudsters themselves.  Clearly they bear the greatest part of the burden of guilt for the harm their actions cause. However, … Continue reading

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