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A very disturbing message from Oz

José Mourinho (Manchester United) once described rival manager Arsène Wenger (Arsenal) as a “specialist in failure”. I think we should start referring to Facebook as a “specialist in apologising”. Seriously. Is there anyone out there who has recorded the number … Continue reading

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Election 2017 – a Digital Manifesto

Age verification for pornography sites was a key measure advocated in the Digital Manifesto published by the UK children’s charities ahead of the 2015 General Election. Earlier this week that proposal was adopted in the Digital Economy Act, 2017. This shows … Continue reading

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Ring the bells!

At  3.15.p.m. today the Digital Economy Bill 2016-2017  completed the penultimate formal stages of the Parliamentary processes. The House of Lords agreed to all of the amendments to its amendments that had been made when the Bill went back to … Continue reading

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Sex crimes in the USA

The UK is not the only country where child sex abuse offences are or have been rising rapidly. See New stats on US Federal sex crimes. If you read the text it seems a similar picture emerges in respect of other jurisdictions within … Continue reading

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An unsatisfactory state of affairs

Thanks to Baroness Jones of Whitchurch for tabling a Parliamentary Question about what happens to non-photographic child sexual abuse images, in particular, Manga and CGI-based material (computer generated imagery).  Lady Jones asked about such materials hosted on machines physically located … Continue reading

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The ICANN saga – part 2

Earlier this week I blogged about an article that appeared in The Times concerning ICANN’s neglect of children’s issues. The story got a little promotional piece on the front page and was huge inside the paper. Imagine my surprise when I … Continue reading

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Well done America. Poor show Europe, er, I mean Holland

An ignominious bit of history was made the other day. For the first time since records began, in the late 1990s, the USA has been knocked off the top spot for publishing child sex abuse images. Year after year, as … Continue reading

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