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Children’s privacy moves forward in the UK

The UK Parliament adopted the GDPR pretty much as it came out of the EU’s law-making machine. Under Article 8 we agreed 13 as the age at which a child could be considered competent to give consent to their data … Continue reading

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The dangers of digital piracy

With the school holidays upon us, here is a great report from Internet Matters on the dangers of digital piracy. This is not just about your children getting used to the idea that it is OK to rip off other … Continue reading

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The case for age verification for pornography sites

Judging by the number of emails and phone calls I am getting, around the world there is growing interest in what the UK is doing  to reduce the possibility of children being exposed to pornographic web sites. We are introducing … Continue reading

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Another Requiem for self-regulation

As a service to my readers below are a few choice snippets from recent media coverage on the vexed question of regulation and the internet. These have arisen in the wake of the Cambridge Analytica scandal. Before getting to them … Continue reading

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Begging a question

Amazing statistics emerged last week courtesy of a body called WARC which presents itself as Your global authority on advertising and media effectiveness. WARC was publicising a study carried out by Verto Analytics according to which, between them, Google and Facebook account for 25% of … Continue reading

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Limiting play time

Interesting story from China. Tencent Holdings – seemingly China’s biggest gaming and social media business measured by revenues- runs a very popular multi-player game called “Honour Kings”. It is said it now has over 200 million users, mostly in China, … Continue reading

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Election 2017 – a Digital Manifesto

Age verification for pornography sites was a key measure advocated in the Digital Manifesto published by the UK children’s charities ahead of the 2015 General Election. Earlier this week that proposal was adopted in the Digital Economy Act, 2017. This shows … Continue reading

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