Austria adopts 14 for GDPR minimum age

Austria adopts GDPR law.  Last week they chose 14 as the minimum age for data consent.

Italy may also go for 14 so as to ensure consistency with a new national law on bullying. Ditto Estonia. They are actively considering 14 to maintain consistency with pre-existing but related laws.

The word is Spain is considering 13 – which is weird because they already have 14. Maybe they will decide to stick with 14 when they see how things go elsewhere.

Hey ho.

Variety is the spice of life but nobody has worked out the implications of there being different age limits working on the same Apps and sites.

I guess a difference between 13 and 14  may not be critical. Of course any departure from 13 is going to cause headaches somewhere along the line not least because so much literature and other materials will need to be altered. But how radical would the impact be otherwise?


If you hear anything about what other countries in the EU are doing/deciding please let me know asap.


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