Curiouser and curiouser


An interesting sequel to my last blog: I have just read an amazing piece which gives quite an insight into the way Nominet works and therefore how the .uk domain namespace works. It wasn’t comforting or reassuring reading.

It seems a comparatively small number of companies which have a substantial commercial interest in the sale of domain names have a huge amount of power and influence over what Nominet does. Hmmmm.

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John Carr is a member of the Executive Board of the UK Council on Child Internet Safety, the British Government's principal advisory body for online safety and security for children and young people. In the summer of 2013 he was appointed as an adviser to Bangkok-based ECPAT International. Amongst other things John is or has been a Senior Expert Adviser to the United Nations, ITU, the European Union, a member of the Executive Board of the European NGO Alliance for Child Safety Online, Secretary of the UK's Children's Charities' Coalition on Internet Safety. John has advised many of the world's largest internet companies on online child safety. In June, 2012, John was appointed a Visiting Senior Fellow at the London School of Economics and Political Science. More:
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