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6 year olds, hard core pornography and credit card companies

  The word “pornography” has become an obstacle to understanding. To many people, perhaps particularly slightly older individuals who are not regular internet users, it conjures up memories of Playboy centrefolds and Health & Efficiency magazine. A bit of fun. Never did me … Continue reading

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Taking age verification seriously – not

  Outside of the family, with few exceptions, children tend to mix with other children of roughly the same age. They do so within environments which, similarly, are likely to consist principally of their peers.  The adult world is not … Continue reading

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Sexual offences against children on the internet

  In my last but one blog I discussed some research published by Pew. It showed that a surprisingly high proportion of internet users in the USA thought the internet had been a bad thing for society as a whole. … Continue reading

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Nudity on the net

  In most countries of the world there are legal controls governing the display and supply of pornographic images. Essentially publishers or distributors are subject to laws which seek to restrict access to adults. Quite severe penalties can be visited … Continue reading

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The Internet at 25

  25 years ago in Switzerland Tim Berners-Lee developed the basis of what we now know as the worldwide web.  With the arrival of this technology the internet would soon cease to be the exclusive preserve of academia, geeks and big business. … Continue reading

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Taking stock of the Coalitions

  In December, 2011, Vice President of the European Commission Neelie Kroes identified five areas where she wanted to see internet companies taking action to make the internet a better place for kids. In the name of self-regulation Kroes asked … Continue reading

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“Narcissim on a sociopathic scale”

  Some stories are very hard to read. Yesterday’s edition of The Guardian contained one such. Written by Christina Patterson it opens with a terrible tale about a young woman who was attacked with a knife as she left work. … Continue reading

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Too much pressure

  Young Minds is a great charity that addresses issues affecting teenagers’ and young people’s mental health. They touch all the bases: bullying, stress and anxiety, self-harm and issues within the youth justice and criminal justice system. Seemingly there are … Continue reading

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Words Obama and Cameron will never say

Having listened carefully to representations that have been made to us by a wide range of free speech, civil liberties and commercial interests, as well as several national governments and international organizations, we are happy to announce today that we … Continue reading

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Professionals who help children – worrying numbers

  A little over a week ago the Marie Collins Foundation published the results of research they had carried out into the state of readiness of the children’s workforce in England to deal with online offending against children. Anecdotally lots of … Continue reading

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